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Elbert Mackey
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Tea cake Cookbook Project Submissions Announcement

What: Tea cakes are an important part of the African-American cooking and social heritage. Their delicious taste evokes fond memories. However, teacakes are being rapidly replaced by fast food. Tea Cake Aficionado, Elbert Mackey is seeking to preserve the memories and recipes of tea cakes.

  1. Dates:
  • Online submission up until July 31, 2007.
  1. What is being sought:
  • Tea cake Stories
  • Poems
  • Recipes
  • Personal Tea cake Memories

Why: Southern food historians say tea cakes evolved from an English recipe brought to America by British settlers in the 18th century. Back then, tea cakes were known as little cakes and were served with afternoon tea. Today, theyre called tea biscuits in the UK.

The basic recipe was passed by word-of-mouth for generations. Unlike the English, Southerners made the cakes for snacks or special occasions, especially at Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter. Each cook added special ingredients, such as molasses or grated lemon rinds and spices.

Benefits: Submissions accepted for publication on the website will be credited. Submission guidelines are available at

When: Submissions will be accepted from March 5th through July 31st, 2007.

Where: Online at