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You Loved Teacakes When You Were Young And Now You Can Own Your Very Own Collection Of Precious Teacake Memories!

 The Teacake Cookbook for sale NOW!

Whats in The Teacake Cookbook?

Teacake recipes of all types, submitted by people from all over the US.
Teacake memories of special times when a warm, tasty teacake made all the difference.
Poems that celebrate teacakes in rhyme and rhythm.
Articles about the role that teacakes have played in African-American history

Imagine seeing the huge smile on the face of your spouse, your child, or your mother when they open that special package from you containing The Teacake Cookbook on Christmas morningor any other special day!

The Teacake Cookbook will probably inspire a huge fan may even become this years African-American version of Tickle Me, Elmo. 

The Teacake Cookbook is

A beautiful heirloom that you can pass on to your child
A wonderful cookbook you can use to make your own teacakes, and delight your guests and family
A great way to give your mother or aunt a bit of nostalgia
A treasure trove of memories, articles and poems that will bring delight to your home and family.

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  The Teacake Cookbook is NOW for sale.

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